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So yesterday was fun worked until 11am came home got stuff set up for moms forth of July party, showered and waited.  Always have to hurry up and wait around here.  Thursday got my EGD thing, kinda nervous, other than that not a whole lot going on, I’ve got an ominous feeling, started last night on ym way to work, probably unfounded though.

Well I’ve gotta get ready for work now so I’ll ttyl.


I wish I had an accent.

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Think about it, accents automatically add like 25 cool points, plus they’re a great conversation starter.  Around here you say Hello and you have an accent people automatically ask, “so where are you from?”

I have this habit of talking in accents at checkouts.  Usually just a simple thank you but still.  Also when I’m nervous I slip into an English accent.  I find it hilarious.  If I talk to someone with an accent I pick it up.  I’m always terrified they’re going to think I’m mocking them when really…I just can’t help it.

In my world the sexiest accents are Irish, something about the lilt is just pow sexy, and an Irish Brogue same thing.  Maybe I’m just a romantic crazy.  I’m going to go play the Sims now.

Fuck you rhino virus

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I have a cold or something…it’s making me miserable.  Also today has been a hella busy day.  Got off work, sat on some dogs, went home, showered, got in the car, drove to KC, ate lunch, went to doctor spent like 3 hours there, went to JcPenny’s cause mom wanted to, ate dinner drove home, drove to altamont, am currently sitting on dogs, will soon go to work.

But things happened today!  Got some surgery stuff worked out, scheduled an EGD…which I need to find out what that is, and I’m on my next step towards D-day.  I still need to scheduled a Psych evaluation and a dietitian appointment.  Hopefully I can get them on the same day so It’s only one trip.  I hate car rides, I’m to tall for the backseat ha ha.

Also I really freaking hate this cold.

2 Decades

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Today, June 18th, 2010 is my 20th birthday.  I feel old.  Mainly because I haven’t really done much with my life.  But I plan on changing that this year.  But now for a little back ground information.

I’m 5’9 and weigh over 300 pounds, I’ve been over 300 for 3 or four years.  I’ve been overweight pretty much my whole life.  I’ve tried diets I exercise regularly, sadly it’s pretty much genetic in my case.

I’m fairly healthy for a 300lb 20 year old, my only health problem is high blood pressure, but I’d be a fool to think that could last forever.  So I’m breaking this trend.  Monday my parents and I go to Kansas City for a doctors appointment, I’m on the path to get bariatric surgery.  I decided I want to document this year in my life, and since my handwriting sucks I’m doing it digitally.

So happy birthday to me and lets get this show on the road.