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So yesterday was fun worked until 11am came home got stuff set up for moms forth of July party, showered and waited.  Always have to hurry up and wait around here.  Thursday got my EGD thing, kinda nervous, other than that not a whole lot going on, I’ve got an ominous feeling, started last night on ym way to work, probably unfounded though.

Well I’ve gotta get ready for work now so I’ll ttyl.


Petsitter of the year

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Yep I’m sitting at someone else’s house, on their internet, in their air conditioning, with dogs.  Life is good, and to thank I get paid for this ha ha.

So tomorrow the rents and I go up to Kansas City to meet with the doctor about surgery.  I’m really hoping this works out, I mean I know people always say looks aren’t important and  I know that this sin’t going to automatically solve all my problems either and that it’s going to be hard and a compleat change in how I do things.  I think it’s going to be worth it.  I’ll be able to go clothes shopping with my friends, ride amusement and carnival rides, ride my bike without feeling like my lungs are going to burst, walk a mile, fly in a plane, not have people stare at me and judge me for how fat I am.

I have a good life, the coolest friends in the world, family who love me, but I’m missing out on a lot.  And in the future when I have a family, I don’t wanna hold them back.  I want to be able to play with my kids like my parents couldn’t play with me.  So tomorrow I take a big step in a new direction, I just hope it’s the right one.