Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday, between a killer headache and a double shift at work it just kinda slipped.

So most of my friends Facebook statuses today were about…Twilight.  Apparently it premiered last night or something.  Honestly I gotta say I don’t see what all the hype was about.  A few of my friends even got in a fight over who was going to marry Edward. this worries me in two ways.

1.) Edward isn’t real.  He doesn’t exist, therefore you can’t marry him.

B.) The whole premise of the books/movies is Edward’s undying eternal affection for Bella and the quest for them to find a way to be together blah blah blah.  therefore you can’t marry Edward, he heart belongs to Bella.

there’s a reason though so many people fall in love with Edward.  Bella is what’s known as a hollow character.  All the traits she has are pretty much universally applicable to any living human.  She’s created in a way to where the Reader and in a lesser extent the watcher can replace her with themselves.  Everyone is looking for their Prince Charming and Edward is a form of that.  It capitalizes on a persons desire for that fairytale romance.  And there haven’t been many movies for the early teen demographic that capitalize on that.  Adults have The notebook, kids have Disney princesses and now Those caught in between have Twilight.

Given that some take it way to far, and I have to believe that they know it’s fake…cause if those who act like it’s real really think it’s real…I would have to terminate the human race.