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So yesterday was fun worked until 11am came home got stuff set up for moms forth of July party, showered and waited.  Always have to hurry up and wait around here.  Thursday got my EGD thing, kinda nervous, other than that not a whole lot going on, I’ve got an ominous feeling, started last night on ym way to work, probably unfounded though.

Well I’ve gotta get ready for work now so I’ll ttyl.


I hate dust

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Sorry about the lack of a post yesturday.  We’re having like 40 people over tomorrow for the fourth so I was cleaning, and cooking and sneezing my nose off due to all the dust.  I find dusting this place pointless, we live on a dirt road so the second anyone drives by everything is dusty again…pointless.

Apparently I was supposed to work last night.  No one told me this, the other girl told our boss she had it all worked out, but she never contacted me about working any evtra shifts, luckily I’m not in trouble.  Unluckily I’m still working a triple tonight.  6-9pm 11pm-7am 7-11am…I’m gonna die.


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I realized something tonight, that I guess I knew all along.  People are always wearing masks.  It hit home when I heard one of my friends criticizing the work of another friend, a few days after I heard her complementing that friend for the same work, all because of the opinions of the people around her.  It makes me wonder, what masks do I wear?

The dutiful daughter, the faithful Christian, the dedicated worker, the carefree kid.  I wear so many masks I don’t even know who I am.  I wish I did.

It just seems like we as humans are always trying to fit into our niche, most of us do that by taking what we admire in others and trying to apply it to ourselves.  I try and copy a certain persons fashion, or carriage, or speech mannerisms.

For the majority of my life I’ve been trying to copy others to fit in, or to fit into the role they cast me in…usually the hyperactive fool.  Many times I go into situations thinking I’m finally going to act like I want to act, but then i slip back to the role they expect me to fill.  So I’m saying screw it, I like the way I draw, I’m not changing it for you.  I like the books I read, even if they’re kids books.  I like the way I dress, even if you don’t.  And I believe what I believe.  I’m not going to shatter your world to embrace mine, but I’m not going to fit myself into the roles others expect of me.  I’m going to try and be me, whoever that ends up being.


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Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday, between a killer headache and a double shift at work it just kinda slipped.

So most of my friends Facebook statuses today were about…Twilight.  Apparently it premiered last night or something.  Honestly I gotta say I don’t see what all the hype was about.  A few of my friends even got in a fight over who was going to marry Edward. this worries me in two ways.

1.) Edward isn’t real.  He doesn’t exist, therefore you can’t marry him.

B.) The whole premise of the books/movies is Edward’s undying eternal affection for Bella and the quest for them to find a way to be together blah blah blah.  therefore you can’t marry Edward, he heart belongs to Bella.

there’s a reason though so many people fall in love with Edward.  Bella is what’s known as a hollow character.  All the traits she has are pretty much universally applicable to any living human.  She’s created in a way to where the Reader and in a lesser extent the watcher can replace her with themselves.  Everyone is looking for their Prince Charming and Edward is a form of that.  It capitalizes on a persons desire for that fairytale romance.  And there haven’t been many movies for the early teen demographic that capitalize on that.  Adults have The notebook, kids have Disney princesses and now Those caught in between have Twilight.

Given that some take it way to far, and I have to believe that they know it’s fake…cause if those who act like it’s real really think it’s real…I would have to terminate the human race.


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I finally saw Toy Story 3 and it was awesome! Near the end I almost cried it was so sweet.  Anyone who liked the Original and the second one will, I think, love the third.

I would say allot more but my thoughts are very scattered, maybe later tonight I’ll add to this but for now I gotta defrag.

Under the Summer Rain

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I love summer thunderstorms, especially when they only last like an hour.  It cools everything off without causing flash floods or anything.

The sky tonight was pretty awesome too.  It was clean and clear but there were thin little wisps of silver clouds in the sky it was just wow.  I can’t remember seeing anything quite like it before.

I need to find my tablet pen.  I want to do some digital drawing but I can’t find my pen.  I think I know which box it’s in I just don’t want to dig through it.

I might be able to go see Toy Story 3 tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to it.  I also want to see The Last Airbender, Despicable Me, and some others I can’t quite remember yet.

Anyway the week is over, I’m that much closer to my as yet unknown surgery date, and I can’t waeight.

Album of the Summer

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Well it’s official I’ve found my 2010 album of the summer, and the winner is…

Another Hopeless Summer

It’s got 7 different groups 11 different songs and 1 music video and it’s like under 5 at itunes.

Favorite Track: For the Win by We are the In Crowd

Second: Gypsy Woman by Anarbor

I think this is a step up from the last time I had an official album of summer…which was like ’05 and it was Getting Away With Murder by Papa Roach

This album is just a fun one to grove with on drives, getting ready to go places, showers, whatever.  I’m glad I decided to buy it and I think If I get another itunes gift card I will buy a few more CD’s namely the CD’s of We are the In Crowd.  Their vocals just click for me especially Tay’s voice it’s not your typical Female vocalist voice and I love it, combine that with the slightly electronic beats in the back equals a love combination for me.  Granted I’ve only heard two of their songs, but their along different lines and I love them both so meh.  I’ll spend some itunes cash on it.

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